Since 2001, On Time, Inc. has provided customers with an array of unique apparel solutions for print and embroidery for all industries. Whether you're catering to Police and Fire or to corporate apparel programs, we can provide you with all the services necessary to offer your customers a quality product, with the quickest turn around times, at a good price. We control all services and processes from top to bottom.

To learn more about each of our services, feel free to look through the below categories


Screen Printing

In 2005 we added screen printing to our growing array of services. We found the need to offer our customers faster turn around times and the best quality possible. Between our art department and production department, there's no one better at producing a high quality screen printed garment in a short time. We've serviced orders from 48 pcs to over 10,000 pcs out of our facility and while we've never called ourselves the biggest, we are one of the best when it comes to producing any order in a timely manner. We work with all our customers to ensure that product come in fast and leave just as fast.

We use only the highest quality machinery and inks to ensure that your garments last over time.

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Direct To Garment

DTG is our latest service offering at On Time that we've brought in house. Direct to garment printing gives us the ability to handle any size order from 1 pc and up. While in the past it would be difficult and costly for customers to add an additional 6 pcs after their order was printed, DTG now gives us the ability to fill additional requests as well as service 24/7 - 365 e-commerce stores selling custom apparel.

Our machines can print a 12"x12" graphic in as little as 16 seconds, and print digital quality graphics on black and dark garments in 60 seconds or less, giving you a fast and cost effective way to produce smaller runs.

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Embroidery has always been a staple offering On Time Inc. We use only the highest quality machines, threads, and materials to produce clean and crisp embroidery. Just like screen printing, our embroidery department was built to be flexible and able to handle small runs of 1 pc, up to larger runs of 10,000 pcs. Our in house digitizing and embroidery services allow for a fast turn around that fits your schedule, while maintaining the highest quality.

We embroider everything from caps, bags, polos, beach towels, to head bands, etc.

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Custom Embroidered Emblems

Since 2004 we've been offering customers around the nation fully custom embroidered emblems. Just like all other of our services, we are able to handle any size order, from 25 pcs and up. We carry over our quality standards from basic embroidery to the emblem world, ensuring that you get the highest quality emblem, at the best price, with the best turnaround time possible. Allow our art department to help you design a custom emblem and see how we can make your idea come to life from concept, to a fully embroidered emblem.

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E-commerce Solutions

Over the last several years, we've taken all our services and while utilizing technology, perfected the process of selling, producing, and delivery of on line apparel. From 365 day stores to pass word protected stores, our e-commerce solutions gives you and your customer a unique way to shop on line or manager their apparel programs.

From our own e-commerce platform to building out custom platforms made to fit your needs, our graphics and marketing department can offer you an array of solutions that will help you stand out from the rest.

The best part, all offerings on line are produced right here in house, assuring you a quality product with fast turn around times. This process eliminates the concept of producing large orders for stock and risking over head.

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